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C-Text Christian Blog: War and Peace

Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Recently I visited the war museum in Tokoy, which shows artefacts from many hundred years of war in and around Japan and from the whole world. The museum is strongly debated with its way of presentation - but what ever you think about this, it is strongly moving to see these pieces which reflect many years of fighting and war! War Museum ... Humans have always had their differences, their ideas of how things should be done. The human mind has a wide breadth of talents and abilities - and physical force is part of this. Where is a healthy attitide towards power and force? How mad are we sometimes as humans, when it comes to our ego and our meaning, wh... [more]


C-Text Christian Blog: Are we listening?

Monday, May 22, 2017. Recently in our youth group we have been discussing reasons why people might believe in God and in Christ Jesus, and why others might not believe. The question is not necessarily easy to answer. Let us have a look into this ... and also discuss some passage from the gospel of Luke, where Jesus talks about this phenomenon of unbelief. Experiences with faith? ... First of all, what are reasons why you do not believe in God and in Jesus? If you never heard about God, you will not be able to believe. But that rarely happens, since we all hear to some extent about God. But what do we think about him? What is our image of God? What is shaping our ideas? I... [more]




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C-Text Christian Blog: The Role of Mercy

Thursday, May 18, 2017. We have been looking into the letter of James in the New Testament. It is usually considered as one of the earliest New Testament letters - written only one or two decades after the death of Jesus. James is talking about the role of God's justice, about our own behaviour when we live in faith - and about the role of mercy! Judgement and Mercy ... In James 2 the topic is our relationship towards rich and poor people. James points out that God loves the poor with special passion. Read the whole chapter ... which includes the following lines: 8 If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yours... [more]


C-Text Christian Blog: Religion can be worthless

Monday, May 15, 2017. Religion can be worthless! If you read the letter of James, which is held to be one of the oldest New Testament letters, written only one or two decades after Jesus died, you can find strong and clear statements. James is pointing us to a life which is filled with truth and love, with mercy and a clear view for the priorities which God has for us. Anger and Mercy ... First of all: anger of men does not generate the righteousness of God. When we are angry, and we have many reasons to be angry on others and angry on ourselves, we are in danger to loose measure, truth and love. Here, we are called to modesty by James, we are called to be doers of the... [more]


C-Text Christian Blog: Enjoy and be rich in good works

Thursday, May 11, 2017. The Christian concept of life is to enjoy the grace and love of the eternal father - and to live in it. We are determined to be full of truth and love and joy, just because he is fantastic. This is in conflict with a world which has lost contact to him - causing all kinds of problems. This conflicts are not only external - they are also in us. Rich ... We are part of the world which has lost contact. At the same time through faith and the holy spirit we are part of the community of father, son and holy spirit. All these elements are discussed and addressed in the New Testament. They are part of "daily struggle" and they are called the "good fight... [more]


JN Factory - Christian Blog: Revelation of John 2 - Reason and Images

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009. I have watched the film "The Da-Vinci Code" recently. It is a film about symbols and religious madness, about secret societies fighting each other, killing many people while trying to find or protect the holy grail. And it has many claims about the history of these societies and the history of the church. It is interesting to compare the various claims made in the film with the reality of the bible - and also with this biblical book which we are reading currently, with the revelation. First of all: What is behind the blossoming fantasy of the author Dan Brown? There is not much substance in it, it is fantasy, not based on any reality. I like people who have a ... [more]


JN Factory - Christian Blog: Christmas 1 - Birth of Jesus

Monday, Dec 21, 2009. How would you explain Christmas to someone who does not know it. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is the key person of Christian faith. He was born around 2000 years ago (in fact today we think that his birth took place in the year -4 BC, i.e. it was 2013 years ago). He was born in the town of Bethlehem, while his parents were traveling due to a census of one of the Roman kings. All hotels were full, his parents had to stay in some shed and there the little baby was born. This event is pictured in various artistic images around the Christmas days. We cannot understand the meaning of Christmas, if we do not talk about the meaning of Jesus. We would not celebrate... [more]


JN Factory - Christian Blog: Christmas 2 - Questions to ask

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2009. It is Christmas time and the various newspapers are full of stories about Christmas. People talk about various things, about prayer in different world religions, about carol services with well-known artists, about the role of the Church in Northern Ireland or about the decay or increase of church membership, trends and new developments. I even read an article yesterday which thought that it can be shown "scientifically" that humans are good, since there are always some of them who try to do good. The author thought that being good would be genetically coded in us. How true that is, we are created to live together in love and trust. But if we look into world histo... [more]