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 ====== Is History important for ME? ... ====== ====== Is History important for ME? ... ======
-Tuesday, ​Oct 26, 2019. Let us talk about history and its relationship ​+Tuesday, ​Nov 26, 2019. Let us talk about history and its relationship ​
 to my own life. What is my involvement?​ Is history really important? to my own life. What is my involvement?​ Is history really important?
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 to determine our position today. ​ to determine our position today. ​
 +But let us come back to the question, why history might be important
 +for me today. ​
 +The New Testament teaches that the story about Jesus is important since
 +Jesus lives today. He is there, here and now. You could talk to him. He 
 +is there by his spirit, the holy spirit. ​
 +The biblical books are not historical in the sense that the things they
 +talk about are dead now. They are not dead, they are alive! The experiences
 +of the people of the Old Testament are alive, since God is alive and the
 +holy spirit is alive. ​
 +It is good to ask why history is important. To me, it became very important
 +when I started to understand that the experiences of the people in the past
 +are my own experiences. They can help me today, since the situation is the
 +same. God is the same. And God still wants to link up with humans. ​
 +The history becomes very interesting when it is the history of someone
 +you love. Or when a good friend appears there, acting and talking. This is
 +world history to me now. Christ Jesus has been there. His spirit talked
 +to the church fathers, to the people of Israel thousands of years ago. And
 +he is still talking today, through his spirit. These are far reaching ​
 +claims. They are not my claims, these are the biblical claims. They 
 +coincide with Christian experience ever since. There is a lot to explore!
 (Roland Potthast) (Roland Potthast)
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