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Happy New Year.

Good morning. Saturday, Jan 1, 2008. Have a good new year! I would like to wish you the best for 2009. May the year bring what you need most!


What is the best for you? … the best for me? … the best for a human being? If you are hungry, you need food. If you are thirsty you need something to drink! If you miss shelter you need a house, a roof over your head. If you are ill you need health, help, medicine. If you do not have work you need a job. If you are lonely you need friends and company. If you are captive you need freedom. But Jesus has put other things first: Man cannot live just by eating food, to live he also needs every word that God speaks (JNB). If you do not know God, you need God. You also need food, shelter and work, you need friendship and a purpose for your life. But you first need the center of life, the center of love and forgiveness. “Your sin is forgiven” - Jesus said to all those people who came to him with illness and needs.

Your sin is forgiven - that means: your life without God is forgiven. Your ignorance about the king of heaven. Your egoism which put you into the middle of the universe. Your injustice, your self-centered life is forgiven. You may relax now, you may become glad and full of joy, because God put everything to the side and opened a door for you into a new life.

What is the best for me and for you for 2009? The best will be to discover what God has done and what God is doing today. In his presence all our needs are not ignored. He knows them all! [R.P., Reading, UK]


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