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Proofs for God? II

Thursday, April 23, 2009. We are discussing the relation between science and faith. Yesterday we started to ask: Is it possible to proof God? We have stated that faith is personal, that we need to get involved when we want to relate to God. The key point of faith is a relationship to the God and creator of the Universe.

When we talk about this relationship - what can proof that we are on the right track? What is the basis for our ideas about God? How can we relate to someone we do not know? How can we know about God? How do we know that the things we think about God are correct? How do we know that there is a God we could believe in and relate to? How do we know? The question of knowledge is a basic question of faith as well, not only for science!

It is interesting how the question of knowledge is treated by Jesus. He speaks about “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”. He claims that people who do not sincerely want to know will not see - they will be blind. That is a strong claim: truth is absolute, but the knowledge of truth is relative to faith. Further, Jesus claims that our ability to see the truth is dependent on our obedience to his words. When we obey him, we will gain knowledge of the truth. When we do not obey him, we will stay blind. The apostles later will claim that all our knowledge will be made relative by the cross of Jesus, by his death and resurrection.

I would like to add a comment to these strong claims. Jesus has not talked about a particular church or about christian society. He talked about HIS word, about obedience to HIM. The societies of the western world have called themselves Christian, but too many things in our societies have not been Christian at all. We all were bad followers of Jesus, we all failed! [R.W.E.P.,]

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