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Yes and No - In the Middle of our Life III ...

Friday, August 25, 2017. Is God in the middle of our life? Yes, he is. If you doubt, listen to Jesus and what he says about your life, your actions, your words. We are looking into the Sermon on the Mount, and this is truly realistic, it is in the middle of everyone's life, young and old, rich or poor. It is a sermon for all of us.

Yes and No …

We have a problem with truth. It is everywhere in our society and our community. It is in politics, it is in business, it is in families, it is in all the personal relationships. Who wants to speak the truth, admit the truth, be fully truthful. What would that mean at all? We have our problems to even define what the truth might be in many cases. Let us listen to Jesus:

33 “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn.’ 34 But I say to you, Do not take an oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, 35 or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 36 And do not take an oath by your head, for you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil. (from Matthew 5, 33-36)

When we listen to Jesus in these lines, he talks about our affirmation of the truth of some statements. It is usual costums that people swear, it is even part of our legal system to take an oath as a tool of confirmation of telling the truth. So Jesus touches this point of truth versus lie about some particular facts here.

Truthfulness …

Of course, the question of truth is broader than this. Truthfulness also touches the question of how to present particular things. If you need to describe the state of some company, or of some institution, … or if you want to summarize the challenges and status of a project, it is a creative act to choose your words to both present the truth about the current state and to give the development some direction. All shades are available to from being truthful to a blank lie.

This question of the truth is something which touches myself as well. Who am I? What am I? Am I truthful with myself? Do I admit where I fail? Can I see the difficult parts of my own character? Can I see what the bible means with the sin in my life, with being separated from the God of love?

With God and his holy spirit, we have a counterpart which can help us to gain a deeper and better understanding of the truth and of ourselves. When we start to get to know him, when we start to live with him, listen to him, talk to him, learn from him … then we start to get to know the truth. Jesus calls himself the way, the truth and the life. And he is! (Roland Potthast) ... more texts

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