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A strong book.

Good morning. Tuesday, Jan 13, 2008. The bible is a strong book. It is fascinating for its historical roots. When we read the old testament we are taken into 3000 years of history. It is compelling due to the stories which are told from the beginning to the very end! But most of all it is a challenging book for our attitude of life. How do we live? What do we believe? The bible calls us to believe in Jesus and it provides arguments and events over events to give reasons and a basis for such a belief!

When you do not believe or when are at the beginning of faith, the bible might be quite unclear. I know that I did not understand most of the stories when I was 20 years and not a Christian yet. They seemed to be too fantastic, not real. I could not get them into my hands and my mind.

But this situation changed when I started to believe Jesus. It did not believe in any system of faith, not initially and I do not believe in this way today! But I believed this Jesus, his words and the direction of his life. And this is what I do today. How do you want to be? What is important? He knew when he walked around Palastine with his disciples and he knows today. As a christian you do not believe in a system, but you believe Jesus, nothing more. [R.P., Reading, UK]

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