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Good morning. Tuesday, Jan 27, 2009. I just got an email into my account: “Bad credit history - no problem. Just get our VISA card with 36% APR.” Do you know what that means? These people are trying to sell a credit card with nearly 40% interest on borrowings! That is incredible. It is a scandal! This is worse than anything I have seen in connection with this financial crisis. These people want to borrow to those who urgently need help just to make a lot of money out of it!


We need people with character and responsibility to improve our global monetary system. It is necessary to help people with debts to get control over their finances and their life. It is important to help both with advice, guidance and resources! But the resources need to be given as a part of a concept with perspective. This is not the easy way, but the good way, the way of Jesus. As a society we have managed to go reasonable steps, lets keep going. Social engagement of a broad range of people in cooperation with professional experience is necessary.

The problem is not easy, the challenges are enormous. Let us not leave the politicians alone. Lets help them, with word and action. A clear mind with reason, grace, truth and love is an absolutely crucial ingredient to solve the problems we are facing today as individuals and as a society! [R.P., Reading, UK]


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