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The goal of Criticism ...

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013. Many of us face difficulties in their professional life. Too often, it is not that easy. So what is the role of further criticism, when we have enough problems day by day? Just let us do our work, and have some fun in our free time! …


What are our aims? …

We need to talk about the goal of criticism. We need to ask: what do we want to reach? Where do we want to go? Only when we know the goal, we can judge our way. Only when we know the criteria, we can judge whether our actions, our means and tools, are right and helpful.

Our criticism should fit both our current state, as well as our perspective. We need to know both, to be able to carry out criticism in an effective way.

For example, when you are someone, who is heavily burdened with your personal fate. When you are currently ill - spend time in a hospital and try to get back inso some sort of regular life, then you should not be criticised the same way as someone who feels perfectly well and is highly successful with his business.


But in any personal circumstances, criticism is needed and useful. When you are burdened, the criticism will ask what type of steps you can do yourself, to get out of your misery. It will ask: what type of behaviour which you got used to has supported to bring you there. What needs sincere change? And there WILL be things, which need to be changed. Your will, your energy, your decisions are an important part of your life and your future!

Biblical Goals …

God knows all our struggle. He knows all our challenges. And he actively works on a perspective for our life. He wants us to have goals which are sustainable - what ever happens to us. He has HIS great agenda with our world, the salvation project, the love project, the life project!

We need to break these great universal goals down into our life. How is salvation establishing itself in our own life? It will show itself through revised goals. We will not stay the same, when our heart is touched by the spirit of the Lord. We will change our habits, our behaviour. But we will also change our thoughts and even our emotions will be transformed.

Let go! When we are heavily burdened, it is important to let go. Give it to the Lord, and then focus your heart and your mind on his agenda. Search his goals, search his perspective, search his way to deal with things! We need the right goals, and we will find them when we get to know the love project of the Lord. We will find them when we start to replace our own little goals by his great goal, and then explore how we fit in - how the purpose of our life gets renewed by his spirit. (Roland Potthast) ... more texts

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