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Politics IV - Left or Right? ...

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010. Are you more left or right? Are you favoring a social democratic party or some conservative or christian democratic? What is the political spectral decomposition in your country? Is there a particular party, which is more “Christian” than another? Is it the duty of a Christian to vote social democratic? Or perhaps christian democratic? Or perhaps liberal?

Usually the big parties in every country cover quite a spectrum. We can be socially responsible and be part of the conservative party at the same time. We can be Christian and be part of the Social Democratic Party. Today, usually sincere Christians can be found in every political party in every country, and that is good!


When we have worked in a particular party for 20 years, and then we discover faith afresh and become Christian, usually we should not leave our party. We should stay where we are and bring our new faith into our activities. Jesus calls people in different personal situations and then uses them to change the world in his spirit. It is good that there are Christians everywhere!

What is it that Christians bring into the different parties? We need to keep in mind that not everything Christians do is in the spirit of the Lord. But if we act in the spirit of the Lord, then we bring responsibility, truth, justice, mercy, the ability to admit errors and failures, sincerity, appreciation and even more: love.

I do not believe that the Lord wants to favor a particular political party. I believe that he wants to change them all in his spirit. He wants us to have a good competition about the best solutions. Not one party alone can solve the difficult problems we have. Not one party alone can do this! It is needed that we compete for good ideas, for convincing solutions. It is good if there is no monopoly of power, but if there is a balance of power between different groups, different parties and different interests!

But even if the Lord does not want to pick out one party which would be his, he wants us to be involved in one of them. Let him lead you to pick your party, and then take part in the public process. You are needed. You might be small and without power. You might have far reaching gifts. Just use them, as far as it is given to you. Only when you speak up, you can influence the whole. I believe that the Lord wants us to be involved in politics. Everyone has a particular role to play. Some go and become professionals, others take part in the discussions and provide their particular contributions. There are those who pray on a regular basis. All this is important and needed. Let us take the tasks serious, let us follow the Lord. [R.W.E.P.,]


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