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In the Spirit ...

Tuesday, Sept 6, 2016. In the New Testament we are promised the holy spirit. It is given to everyone who believes. And indeed, when you are in Christian community, you can experience the spirit. It is the spirit which Jesus promised to sent. It is the spirit of love and truth, of friendliness. Let us talk about the experiences we can make with the spirit.

Personal Care …

Sunday I have been in the old church which we attend for many years in the UK. It was great to be with many people who believe in the Lord. We are not perfect people, not the well-looking and bright people. It is different - we are the kids of the Lord, we are just normal people, who open up for his mercy.

The church is special. The church is those who believe in him, in Jesus. And he is there with them - in particular if it is the normal people who believe. He is there, in their worship, in their community, in their actions. He fills the believers with his spirit.

I really think you can experience it. Sunday morning we have been praying for some young people who now enter school. We have been praying for some who now enter a new phase of their life - one young woman will be working for a mission organization, others go to university. God is there in the prayer, in the friendship and participation. The atmosphere in such meetings is just fantastic.

The weak and normal people …

I am sure that God is there in particular with the weak and normal people. When we care for one another, when we help one another. He is there in our worship, in our prayer, in our community. He is there in our struggle, and with him we walk through many difficulties and we mature. He can make things well his way.

The purpose of life is not to reach something special - except for the only special thing we should reach, which is faith in the Lord, which is the community of the father and the son and the holy spirit. In all we do, where ever he puts us, we are called to live with him, to do his work! We are not called to leave this world, but to be in the middle of it. Where ever we flee, it will follow us. We are to be here, with him and in him!

We are invited to experience the spirit - the community of the spirit. It is with other Christians, far and close. It is with people just around the corner. And when you pray for others, when you care for them, then a lot will happen! Prayer will not go unanswered. Friendship will not go without love coming back to you. Come to the Lord, come to faith, and live in it today! (Roland Potthast) ... more texts

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