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Faith in the Modern World III ...

Friday, Dec 29, 2017. What is your personal way to approach faith and life? Do you believe? When you think a little bit about your own belief, you quickly realize that you believe quite a lot. You have your ideas about what humans are. You have your preferences. You do your choices about what is important to you, and you have ideas why it carries meaning.

We all believe! But what do we believe? And why? …

All humans have their ideas about community, about the role of humans today. We all have our idea about why we do what we do, and why we want others to behave in a particular way. We all pursue happiness of some kind.

Even the worst people in the world follow some ethical behavior. Even those who cause a lot of trouble and pain to others have ideas about what they believe to be full of honour or full of excellence. And if you dig a little deeper into this you find a belief system behind it. Everyone has some type of belief system!

But what is our belief based on? What is behind it? Is it consistent or full of contradictions? And is it linked to reality? What type of reality? Here, we quickly get into the full discussion of our knowledge and ideas about our world today. What is it that we know for sure? What is it that we think is true? And what do we believe? What do we base our life on?

Exciting Journey …

Life can be an exciting journey. It can be extremely exciting to explore faith, to explore the ideas we have about our world and our life!

Different people do this exploration in different ways. The artist, for example, he explores ideas by creating art. When he works on a piece of art, he explores his senses, his hands, his mind, his ability to create. A particular part of his mind and heart and body is involved, and the result of his reflection is the painting or sculpture which reflects reality, emotions, beauty, ideas and perception!

When we think and talk about faith and life, this is another type of exploration. Humans are given a mind to think, to discuss, to reason, to argue. We are given language to communicate, to express our feelings, our plans, our desires, our decisions. With all of this we can and should explore faith and life today! All of this is a part of it.

Let us go through the layers of faith and knowledge in the new year. Let us move into the layers of perception, into life itself, into reasoning and practice. All of it has its role and importance in the deep quest for meaning, which drives mankind since its beginning! We are looking forward to a fantastic year 2018 … (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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