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Happy New Year 2018! ...

Saturday, Dec 30, 2017. I would like to wish you a happy new year 2018! May it be a year which is good for you on all levels of your life. May it be a year full of personal relationships, which provide a framework for you to receive love and to give love! May your new year be full of mercy, …


Mercy, Hope, Insight, Faith …

… mercy for yourself when seen by others - with your strength and your weaknesses. But may it also be full of mercy in your own heart when you see the others around you, with what they can do well and where they fail. Let mercy be your guiding thought, the framework and channel of your insight into this world and the people living therein!

May your new year be filled with hope! Let it be the hope which finds new ways where no way seems to be. May it be the hope which carries you beyond all difficulties, beyond your own limits and the limits of your current situation and environment. May it be hope which is not vain, but which is filled with joy and with reality, when things start to change!

May your new year be full of insight into yourself, and into the other people around you, such that you can understand why they react as they do, and to be filled with the mercy mentioned above. May you develop insight into this world, its riches and its struggle, and may you use your insight to make a difference, to help where you can help, to support where you can support, and to be a creative part of our dynamic society - on your particular personal level!

Last but not least, may your new year be filled with faith. May you discover a faith which has solid ground, which comes from insight, not guessing. May your faith be sincere and full of life, full of love, full of truth! Discover how faith links you with the creator, the saviour, the eternal God, who started it all and who maintains it all. He is the beginning and the end!


Prayer for You! …

We can formulate our wishes, I can tell you how your year should be. You might think that words can be empty, or they can cease to exist. But there is also the other way: words can carry meaning, and they can have their own power and reality. This is when they are coming from prayer, when they are rooted in the living God, in father, son and holy spirit.

So I pray that when you read this, the eternal Lord may look at you with the mercy you need. I pray that he gives you the love which fills you completely. May you experience it, and also pass it on to others! I pray that you find the relationships you need, those you desire! Above all, that you find the relationship to him, the one God who was the first relationship in himself, in father, son and holy spirit, before all time started.

I pray that the hope of the Lord fills your heart, and that it is your light, in the new year. I pray that his hope surrounds you, and guides you, and helps you to walk over all hills and through all valleys of your personal path. I pray that you gain insight, insight in the area of your profession, but also insight into the people around you and insight into the Lord himself, the eternal God. May he be your light, so see - with your heart and your mind likewise!

And I pray that you find the faith you need. May your faith be rooted in him, in the insight into the eternal Lord and saviour. May you discover this faith which gives life, joy and peace into your heart and your life, day by day, minute by minute! May he be with you in all what you do. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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