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In Whom do we Trust? ...

Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018. Once there were some young kids trying to cross a river. It had been below zero already for some days. There was ice on the river, and they made a little competition between two guys who were eager to show their courage. One of them, however, was careful. He was a little afraid …

The Icy River Story …

What if the ice would be too thin, if it would not hold him? So he thought about a way to check if the ice was thick enough to carry him. And he realized that he could test it by drilling little wholes with some long old rosty skrew he found at some junkyard nearby. So he first tested, found an area where the ice was sound, and there he could walk over without any problem.

The other guy was less afraid. He was more the adventurous character. He had enough self-confidence to give it a try what ever the circumstances. So when he saw the other guy cross the river, he tried to do the same at the place where he had been looking. But the ice here was thin, and after some steps he broke through, hanging there in the cold ice, screaming loudly.

The story had a happy end, the others could help him, threw some rope toward him, which he grasped and pulled himself into security.

But my main point here is: it is not the courage which counts. It is not the trust we have ourselves. It is the facts which count, the thickness of the ice we trust. It is reality which is important.

Sound Faith! …

The story tells us a lot about faith. It tells us that the most important basis for our faith is not that WE trust. The most important basis is that the person or counterpart of our faith is trustworthy. We need thick ice to walk on. We need a counterpart which is worthy trusting!

Faith is about facts. Faith is about what is worthy your trust, it is about whom to trust. Faith needs to counterpart you trust in to be sound and solid. It needs a hard reality behind it.

When we trust in God in father, son and holy spirit, we need God to be there. We need Jesus to be the son, we need him to be real today. We need the holy spirit to be a sound reality. We need God to be trustworthy. We need faith to be based on facts, on reality. We would like to explore this in more depth in the coming week and month. Let us explore the facts as well, and what type of faith can be based on him, on the eternal Lord. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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