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Come to God today ...

Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018. Why not go to God today? Why not ask God today to help him to get to know him? Why not go to him and ask him to come into my life? Why not? There might be many things either on an intellectual level or on the emotional level which can keep us away from God. But we could also be asked: why not overcome our obstacles by just asking him to help?

Steps to God …

When I think back, I could have gone to God much earlier. I was open for him. I wanted to know more about him. But somehow I did not know how. And at some point I started to ask him. That was the turning point. After that, I got all what I needed. I got to know sincere Christians - many different Christians. I was able to learn to understand the bible. Theology suddently made sense to me - and I was able to understand and discern the different arguments and schools.

People often ask: who is responsible for faith. Is it the human who could believe. Or is it God alone who chooses those who will believe? The theological debates go back to the time of the Reformation, to Calvinism and Lutherism.

I believe that the answer is not that simple. You cannot believe yourself. It is God's mercy which enables you to believe. But you can ask him. You can approach him. You can go and search this mercy. At different levels you are making your decisions! Is it you, who can? Or is it again God who is pulling you? Can we tell the difference? In any case, you are able, today, to ask him. Try it!

Come and believe! …

Please, come and believe today! Come, go to God, and give your life into his hands. Come today, approach him in a sincere prayer. Tell him, that you long for him being in your days. Tell him, that you love him, that you search him, that you want him!

When you tell God, he comes. When you ask him, with a sincerely searching heart, there is no doubt that he will be there. He loves each and everyone of us - with a deep love. He wants us to be free, but he is searching for justice and purity and truth and love at the same time. This is a deep and dangerous thing: to fiddle with the living God. He is the Lord, and justice is his core desire!

Please, give it a try. Come! You will find wide planes. You will find joy beyond measure. You will find perspectives which are astonishing. You will find a truth beyond all you have known before, love in a light bright and clear, and mercy which has the power to save. Come! (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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