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World Leading ...

Friday, Jan 12, 2018. It seems to be a part of the human soul to be open to competition. Look around, so much in our society talks about leadership, about being the first, about being unique. So much talks about strength. And even in games and play, in the area of leasure, we want competitions, championships, running and fighting to be the first, the best, the strongest, the fastest …

Uniqueness in Love …

There is a better way of uniqueness. It is shown by Jesus. This uniqueness is the uniqueness of the individual. It is the uniqueness of love. You are unique to me, you are valuable, you are fantastic! That is what he tells each and everyone of us. And that is what he wants us to tell the others.

There is a better way of competition. The first is the one who is the servant of all. Jesus points us to the competition to serve - which is something which comes with love. It is not important to be the first on the winner's podium. Our winner's podium is the truth and love and faith which God has and is. In this love and faith we are meant to be the first.

There is a better way to be world leading. It is the way of truth, the way of responsibility, the way of love. Let us be world leading in love, in truth, in clarity, in honesty, in reliability, in care. Let us be world leading in acknowledgement, in appreciation, in a deep view which sees the hidden talents of each and every human around us.

Great Race with Him! …

It is a great race with him, with the Lord. Come to him, and join this race. You are made for it, for the race of love. You are designed for it, the race of truth. You are given a dream, the race of his community! The church is the community which is dedicated to faith - to the race of love which Jesus opened for us.

Let us build world leading community: in Jesus. When his spirit comes into our spirit, we start to change. He influences us, today, tomorrow, in eternity. He changes us. He transforms us. This is revolutionary. It has been in the beginning. It is now. It will be, as long as the earth exists. It is an invitation to discover the world beyond, behind and in all things - the world of the Lord and his presence.

Let us be leaders in love. Let us be the first to do the step which searches peace. Let us be clear. Let us be honest. Let us be forgiving. Let us be sincere. Let us be free! Jesus invites us to his community, which is better than anything we have ever known before we get to know him! Let us live in this community today, let us evolve it, grow in it, act in it, love it and love in it! (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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