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Truth ...

Sunday, Jan 21, 2018. Is faith true? Is science true? What can we say about the truth in and behind the words of faith which are written up in the bible? And what can we say about the truth in science? Does it contradict each other? Some people say they do not touch each other, faith is about ethics, science about facts. But is that true? Let us think for a moment! Let us describe the truth of science and the truth of faith …

Truth of Science …

Science has evolved into an approach to explore nature, phenomena and technology, which is built on arguments, experiments and discussions. The goal is to gain insight into phenomena. We want to know what is driving them, how they work. And we want to be able to influence them, to do something, to design, to build, to generate, to produce.

Science explores a reliable world. We try to find the laws which govern some phenomon. Usually, a law is formulated in mathematical language, it is differential equations, dynamical systems, conservation laws. When we discover these laws, we can start to predict evolution of this phenomenon, when we can observe its initial state.

Science has to prove itself. You need to be able to check yourself. This might need a lot of training and knowledge, but in principle each and everyone needs to be able to check the statements, to check the proofs, to find out himself or herself.

We were remarkably successful as human race to explore the laws of nature. We found a lot already, though we also need to state that there is more we do not know yet than what we know. The most important things, the human mind, the evolution of this world, its animals and mankind itself is still unclear. There is so much we do not know!

Truth of Faith …

Faith is a truth beyond the mere laws which govern nature. It is about us as humans, and about God, the creator, the lover, the eternal father and mother. The Judean-Christian world view sees the world as created by God. He is its beginning, but also its end, the maintainer, the companion, friend, father, the great lover. He is giving freedom to each and every human, the freedom to live this life without him - with all its consequences, or to find to a relationship of truth. This relationship acknowledges him as creator, as truth, as the pure and holy eternal personality, beyond time, yet in the middle of it.

Jesus called himself “the truth”. So the most important meaning of truth in the framework of faith is not about single statements about nature or evolution. It is about meeting the truth. It is about a relationship of salvation, mercy, truth and love. It is about becoming a part of the truth! The bible, from the very beginning, is touching the very core of our existence. It touches all we are, all we have, our mind and our emotions, our decisions, our actions, our words. In all of it truth is its most prominent topic.

The truth of science and the truth science finds is highly fascinating. The truth of faith is even more breathtaking. Today, after years of questions and exploration, I am more than ever convinced that Jesus is the truth, that it is all true what is reported about him in the New Testament, and that it is the only way of salvation in this world. Come to Jesus! Listen to him, if you want to find truth! And then give your life into his hands, and see – with the eyes of your heart as well as the eyes of your mind wide open! (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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