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6th Commandment ...

Monday, Feb 26, 2018. Love and Sex are among the most important and driving moments of our life. They are everywhere today in our society, in advertising, in films and books, in music, in art. Love is what we need, and sexuality is one of the most important human desires and potentials. Who would we be without kids, without family, without passing on our ideals and behavioural patterns?

A save place …

Our behaviour when it comes to sexuality is one of the most sensitive and difficult issues humans discuss today. Sexuality is an intimate issue, it is important and keeping us busy with our thoughts and our emotions. And in the middle of this there are rules and commandments like the 6th commandment of Exodus 20 (2nd book of Moses):

14 “You shall not commit adultery.

The 6th commandment is formulated on a background of mankind consisting of men and women. It is formulated on the background of a man and a woman to come together, build a firm relationship and get children. It is formulated on the background of fidelity and safety in this relationship.

Love, Men and Women …

Love is a deep emotion when you are sympathetic and full of feelings towards another person. Love means to desire all the best for the other person. Clearly, love is also decision. It is action, when you live with the other person, when you give, when you help and support. Love is decision and it is action! Love is fidelity, you cannot imagine love to give up. In 1. Kor 13 we hear a fantastic song about love, written by the apostle Paul.

When it comes to men and women, love has been given a bodily component: sexuality. Love here is much more, it is also the full of touch, full of body, and full of consequences. Love comes with kids, with new life, with a new human, and with new responsibility. Here, the role of marriage comes to its full potential. It creates a save place. It gives responsibility and care a shelter and framework. The 6th commandment could also be formulated as: keep the shelter active. Protect it. Nurture it and keep it strong! (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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