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Show us the Father ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018. What is human? We start our life as babies, we start it being infants who need to be nurtured and protected by a father and a mother. These two humans play the central role in human life. Only step by step we grow into mature beings.

The bible takes up this important relationship at the beginning of human life. God is called the father - and he also calls himself the mother - of all humans. He is called your heavenly father! What does it mean?

Human Desire …

Humans are created by God, the eternal father. Our human relationships, father and mother, are built in his image. He created this relationship. He designed us to be infants at the beginning of our life. He built his eternal fatherhood and motherhood into our life. He did it in a very concrete way, in a fantastic way!

Also, God built into our heart the desire for himself, for an eternal father and an eternal mother. He built the desire to have someone who cares, who is interested in our life, who wants to know, who wants to be there, who wants us to prosper, who loves us deeply! This desire is reflected in the words which Philip finds in a discussion with Jesus, see John 14:

Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” (from John 14, 8)

Philip articulates this basic human desire. He is in a discussion with Jesus. He also indicates that knowing the eternal father is the main point for a human life. It is where you find peace. It is the point where you reach your goal. We are all created to live with him, with the eternal God and father!

Heavenly Father …

Sometimes people analyse religion and they interpret the human desire for a heavenly father as a projection of their elementary experiences when they were infants. And indeed, this relationship is very important and there is a lot you can compare. But the atheistic logic comes to the wrong conclusions since they do not know God, the eternal father. Our human fatherhood and motherhood is the projection, coming from the eternal God, the creator, the beginning and the end!

The good news: there is a heavenly father! God is there. And more good news: God loves us as a true father and mother would do. He is interested in our life, in your life and my life. He wants to live with us. He wants to go with us. He wants us to prosper, to discover a fantastic world, to be free and full of love ourselves.

The New Testament is called good news. In the heart of this good news is the fatherhood of the eternal God, the motherhood of the creator. In Christ Jesus he rebuilds the bridges which humans have torn down, he confirms his care and his justice at the same time. We are invited to discover this heavenly father … what a story! (Roland Potthast) ... weitere Texte

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