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Dealing with Christianity ...

Friday, Oct 19, 2018. What is your way to deal with Christianity? What is Christianity in your eyes? Is it the large world religion, with many church members in so many countries? Or is it a delusion, a false path, which is leading people away from a life of reason? Or is it a false religion, since the true believer must bei Muslim? What is Christianity for you?

Individual Views!? …

Before we go into a deeper discussion, do you think you can decide for yourself what Christianity is? Of course, you need to clarify - at least in case you want to answer the question - what it means to YOU. But that does not mean it is the same answer for different people. And it does not mean that the answer would be correct in the sense that the ideas about Christianity of any particular person would be in line with what happened 2000 years ago and the different streams of development which have happened since then.

There are so many ideas about the core point of Christianity. And that is natural, since individual people search their individual path. On that path, they try to come with answers. They try to come with convincing stories of life. They interpret their experiences. We all do that. Each and everyone of us!

I strongly believe in that it is good and necessary that we all have our individual views. It is good. It is part of our community. We are not the same, and thus we will have different perspectives on the same thing. But I also strongly believe that there is truth, that the views look at the same thing. I believe that it is important to keep in mind that there is a reality which we try to understand. In particular when it comes to faith this needs to be stated today: we try to understand who God is.

Christianity …

Christianity is a fascinating thing. It is a doctrine. It is ethics. But much more. It is a life style. It is faith. It is a philosophy. And it is reality. It is about the eternal God, who wants to be the saviour and healer of each and every single person on the planedt. That is more than a doctrine. It is about the true reality, the reality behind our perception.

There are people who are completely disappointed by particular Christians, or by particular churches. There are those who are disappointed by God himself. How can it be that …? Why is this pain and death part of the world as it is today? We struggle, we search, we ask! And that is good.

I love all the questions. But I love them the more when they reach their goal. We try to find answers - and God wants us to find answers. He wants to be the answer. He himself - the lion and the lamb. That does not stop pain and death. It does not stop violence, it does not stop abuse and lies and fraud. But in Jesus God has come into all of this. He is the suffering God - for reasons deep enough to touch the very foundation of life and existence. How do you deal with Christianity? Come! Come. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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