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Name of the Lord ...

Tuesday, March 12, 2019. How important are names for us? Today we are all used to brands, to particular names which are used for building up a brand which carries meaning. Companies try to connect positive associations to their name. And if some name is linked to some bad event, usually the institution which bears the name suffers strongly - up to the point that it needs to be closed completely. Names ARE important, even on a very secular level.

Strong Tower …

In the bible, the name of God, the name of the Lord is of particular importance. In the ten commandments humans are called to not misuse the name of God. Further, in the Old as well as the New Testament you find many places where calling on the name of the Lord is a key step of faith for people. Who ever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved! (Joel 2, 32 and Romans 10, 13). Salvation and justice, which is given to us for free, comes by faith in Christ Jesus, it comes through the name of the Lord. God built his own brand, the “Christ”, his son Jesus, “the Lord saves”. In Proverbs 18, we read:

10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. (from Proverbs 18)

The name of the Lord here gets the functionality of a protection. He is a strong tower. He is the place we can run into when we are in danger. With him, in him, in his name, we are save.

Be Safe …

There is so much to say here. As humans, we are always in danger. We are threatened, by nature, by accidents, by other people. We have a lot of reasons to be careful and afraid. So the verses have a very concrete meaning addressing our daily life and daily dangers.

But they go far beyond the mere protection of our body. Here, we talk about spiritual salvation as well. Is our mind completely dependent on particular events, on something we own or possess? Where is our mind and our soul, what is its core, its desire? What is filling our existence? The verse here talks about the righteous man, which runs to the name of the Lord. In the New Testament we realize that this is indeed one thing, strongly connected. Our righeousness and the fact that we run to the Lord is one. We gain righteousness by calling on his name. We gain it by running to him and searching his righteousness.

It is highly exciting to think about humanity, about what makes humans what they are. Language plays an important role, we cannot think without language, without names and verbs and adjectives. Here, the name of the Lord is an important component of language. And it is a crucial part of our mental activity. And indeed, it is a strong tower, it is the source of salvation in a way which we barely understand in its depth and meaning! (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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