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God's Justice and Love ...

Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Good morning! I have been reading the Gospel of Matthew this morning, in particular the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5. Jesus talks about beatitudes here, about blessing which comes to those who search God, who listen to God, who come to his community.

Jesus also talks about our own mind, our feelings, our actions, our whole existence.

Blessings and Ethics …

The mixture of the Sermon on the Mount is breathtaking and remains breathtaking. I have read this text 20 years ago, and it was amazing. Reading it this morning, it is still amazing. Of course, you need to think about it. You need to understand, need to dig deeper into it.

Let us start with the ethics. Jesus wants us to develop the full purity of God. It is not just about following rules. But the core idea of the rule, the origin of it, should be in our mind and our heart.

The rules which Jesus takes up in the Sermon on the mount are basic rules of our society. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not commit addultery. But he reinvents the rules. He reconsiders them. It is not just about murder. No, it is about our attitude towards the other people around.

God loves each and everyone. God's love is deep and sincere. His love includes complete trust and honesty. We cannot stay hidden with our thoughts, and pretend to be good with what we do. If our thoughts are not in line with our actions, we will not succeed in the long run!

The word justice can be used to describe the state where our mind, our feelings and our actions are all consistent and pure. God is just, his justice is complete! This justice is his measuring rod!

Beatitudes …

In the presence of God there is blessing. In particular, if your heart is pure. The purity of the heart does not mean necessarily that you do not have difficult thoughts. We all find ourselves to be furious about particular things which are not good. But also, in the presence of God he will balance our fury by his love, by his beauty and purity.

Blessed are the poor - it is not just since God has given us the whole creation to enjoy. Blessed are the poor since the kingdom of heaven is ours. The kingdom of heaven is infinitely more worth than any value on the earth. It is the eternal creator who comes into our life.

There is so much to find in God, the father, the son and the spirit.

God is love himself. He is community in himself. And he establishes a community far beyond his trinity. All people of faith are invited to enter. Come togeter, all who belive in Jesus. All who are made pure by him.

Faith is a great transformation. It is a great journey. It is a fantastic discovery! It is the path with Jesus, in Jesus, to Jesus. Nothing less is adequate here - since he is and remains the lion and the lamb, beginning and end. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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