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Good for us ...

Monday, April 29, 2019. What is good for us today? I am thinking about input for our life, for our thoughts, for our reasoning about our business and social activities. What would be good to get as input, as impulse, as inspiration?

We are, today, in the middle of new social conflicts. Human history has never been without conflicts, and today there are so many conflicts active everywhere in the world. Migration is just an indicator - with people searching a better life, a better world!

My Path …

When you think about your own path in all of this, what is it that is prominent in your mind? Is it your own struggle with life, your own challenges? Is it a threat at the border? Is it social conflict, or more general problems such as climate change or environmental pollution? Without doubt, there are many problems, and we are challenged on many levels.

When you search for a balance, what is giving you the power to come to good and wise solutions? What ARE wise solutions?

Life is more than the struggle between countries, the struggle between people or the everlasting vilification on basically everyone which you read day by day in media and newspapers. Life can be fantastic and fascinating, with beauty and inspiration in so many things, from nature and humans to technology and science. It can be fantastic to experience friendship and joy. But there is also pain and illness. Go to a hospital, and experience the suffering of so many with strokes, cancer and all different types of bodily decay. Wisdom also needs to take into account all these aspects of life!

And life is more than our daily struggle. It is more than what we do day by day. It is the routine as well as the special event. It is new things, new insight, surpassing limits and boundaries. There is so much we have not yet done. Beyond our own fear there is joy and beauty to find!

Bible Inspiration …

The biblical inspiration is a unique point of input. These texts take up all parts of human life. Birth and death, struggle and peace, joy and beauty.

Beyond what we usually think about when we search peace, the bible also talks about the human desire to find a home and a father and mother. It talks about guilt and justice. It talks about humanity, about compassion, about brotherhood and sisterhood.

There is no other book, no other source, which would take up the development of mankind in a way we find in the whole bible, with the Old Testament and the New Testment. Partly, it is a history book, ranging back into 4-6000 years of human history. But it is much more, it is a living inspiration, which can help us every day, in each and every situation!

The bible is truly good for us, for you and for me! Take this book, and meet with Christians to read it, to explore it, to live with it and to believe in it. It is the written world, which is full of life and hope and future. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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