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Fellowship of the Spirit ...

Monday, June 3, 2019. The New Testament invites us to get to know God through Jesus, Christ Jesus. The stories of the gospels are the life story of Jesus. His birth is told, his ministry, selections of his actions and interaction with the people of his time. And then we hear about his death, about the resurrection and the ascension.

Let us understand what the bible tells us about the relationship of God and men. God wants to live with humans, with each and every individual, with you and with me. God wants us to know him. He wants us to be in a relationship with him, in a save and undisturbed relationship, a relationship characterized by trust and truth.


Jesus and Reconciliation …

The death of Jesus plays a special role in this relationship, which God wants to establish between you and him, between me and him, for everyone. The death of Jesus provides justice. All things are destroyed, which stand between us and God. All guilt. All evil. All sin. All ignorance. All outrageous behaviour.

But we should also talk about what happens then. Now, Jesus has died. Someone accepts the complete reconciliation with God. Let us assume you want to live with him, with the eternal God. How does it work? Now, the bible talks about the love of God coming into your life. And it talks about the Holy Spirit coming into your body. In 2. Kor the apostle Paul writes:

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2. Kor 13, 14)

It is a deep and intense fellowship, which Christians are offered. The fellowship of the spirit. It is about life, which is with him in all things, day by day, in work and leisure, day and night. The bible explains this: the spirit lodges in someone who believes in Christ Jesus. He is there, he lives there in you and in me, he is there all the time - and forever!

Love of God …

The power of the spirit of God is first the power of peace and love and reconciliation of the relationship with him. It is about you and God. Nothing more, nothing less. It is about you and the king.

We can explain this in many images and stories. You are given the opportunity to get into a cleared relationship with the king. You trust the king, and he trusts you. You discover his fantastic way, and he takes you into his plans. He tells you about his plans. He even gives you part in his agenda, an agenda of a new creation.

The fellowship of the spirit is quite fascinating. The bible characterizes it by many keywords. It is about truth. It is about freedom. It is about love. It is about grace. It is about justice. It is about companionship and friendship.

We are moving towards pentacost, the celebration of the coming of the holy spirit. It came to the young church in a special way. But we need to remember that the spirit has always come to people, who believed in the eternal Lord. Also the Old Testament is full of stories about the spirit of the Lord. But now, with the justice which Jesus created at the cross, there is no limit any more for this special fellowship, for the spirit to be with you, for his grace and love and truth to give a peace and hope of unbelievable beauty and intensity. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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