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History: Yesterday and Now ...

Friday, Nov 29, 2019. Let us look at history from a Christian perspective. Christianity teaches Jesus as the risen Lord. It started with the experiences of the early disciples of Jesus, who were with him for 40 days after the resurrection. Christianity started with the experiences of the Holy Spirit, who comes into the life of people who follow in Jesus by heart.


Yesterday …

Christianity is based on historical events. It is based on the Old Testament, the life and experiences of the people of Israel. It is based on the prophets, who lived and wrote in their particular time, communicating the voice of God.

Christianity is then based on the life of Jesus. Without him, there would not be Christianity. He is the servant of God, who gave his life a the cross. He is the son of God, who was God and is God. He became human, and lived among us - as a historical figure.

Christianity is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus. He is with God. He lives, and his spirit has been there throughout world history. That is the core Christian message. You can relate to God, you can live with God, and live with Jesus through the spirit.

Here, we move from yesterday to today. History is important since it is there today! Without the risen Lord, Christianity would break down completely.


Now …

So when you start to relate to God, you start to be fully now, fully in today. There is a special “now” in Christianity, since God is the beginning and the end. He is above time, as well as in time. He is. You are linked to something beyond time and in all times.

When you relate to God, you do not need history or future. You get history and future, but it is not needed. You do not need to define yourself by what you have done or have reached. You do not need to define yourself by your potential, by the future. You only need him to be there and look at you!

What does it mean that God is the center of life, the center of everything? It means that when we relate to him, all other things start to become less important. It is as our best experiences of love and desire. We only need him, and he is enough for us.

Sometime you hear statements from Christians such as “I only need Jesus”. It sounds strange, since it sounds like they are ignorant towards the environment. And it is always a good question, whether the full meaning of “being with Jesus” is active in and around your Christian friend. If it is, the relationship with Jesus will lead him to full acknowledgement of the dignity and value of people around him.

Jesus as the son of God is fully aware of everything which is important to people in this world. Of course, he knows how things work. He knows the necessities and processes. He knows how to organize things. And more than us humans, he is full of love and truth and mercy towards each and every single person. There is much to learn from Jesus. (Roland Potthast)

This is part of the trilogy project “Faith of a Scientist”.

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