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What is going on? ...

Monday, Dez 9, 2019. Today, let us step back a little bit and think about our life, our world and the different interpretations which are possible.

We live on a small planet today. It is still quite a large place, which you realize when you start to travel through the wide planes of Russia or through Africa. There is a lot of space on the planet. At the same time, humans have settled in many large towns - Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, New York.

Today the environmental activists see the planet as a very valuable asset, which humans need to preserve. Human activity has a huge impact on the environment, which is feeding impact back and is shaping human life-style.


Is there a God? …

We ask ourselves: what is our situation as human on this planet. There are millions and billions of other humans. Yet, what is the core reference and framework of our life? Evolutionary theory tries to explain humans by their evolutionary history. The idea is that humans have evolved over millions of years to our current condition.

It is interesting to research into history. Our full cultural history starts about 3000 BC. Written language as we know it today has developed basically until 1500 BC. When Moses wrote the 10 commandments, he did this with “modern” technology. Generic writing of general sentences and statements was not that old that time!

Is there a God, a creator? Is there a spiritual world? What is your personal perception of God? People on many parts of the planet have developed their own ideas of spirits and Gods. Even today, in the middle of modern technology, people are visiting temples and places of worship, everywhere in the world. Humans seem to have a sense for the supernatural. Humans seem to search God - but God is difficult to find.


Jewish and Christian Message …

The Jewish message from very early times is that there is God, the creator, the Lord of all what is. He gave people freedom, and as a consequence we have mankind living without God. The Old Testament of the Christian bible consists of Jewish texts from between 1400 to 300 BC, with apokryphic texts dating up to 100 BC. The Christian message is understood as a completion of these texts, telling the story of Christ Jesus and his followers, transmitted and written between the death of Jesus 30 AD and about 90 AD.

With the biblical books, we have texts about people and their relationship to God from many parts of our cultural world history. The common faith and experience of these people is that there is God, the loving creator, the beginning and the end.

We are not alone!

It is a big difference with respect to understanding and feeling and interpretation, to see life created by a spiritual father, who made all what is. It is a huge difference if you know that you are deeply loved, you are wanted and that God loves you anyway, what ever you achieve or where ever you fail. It is a huge difference, to find God, to find peace with God, and to start a journey to live with the heavenly father.

The invitation of the New Testament is to start to explore God through Jesus. It is an invitation to listen to Jesus, and to believe in him. This faith is a journey, it is a personal path. It is not an abstract something for old or some crazy people, it is a shelter for each and everyone. We are invited to try, and all who called on the name of the Lord, all who find him and trust their life into his hands, realize the depth and reality of this important message! (Roland Potthast)

This is part of the trilogy project “Faith of a Scientist”.

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