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Hope for You ...

Monday, May 3, 2021. What is the hope of my days? What is it that I expect? What is it that I long for? What is the basis and driving force to keep me upright, to keep my mind and my soul on a straight path? Let us ask ourselves, what we hope for, and what the basis of our hope is!

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Challenges, Setbacks, Tiredness, Hope …

Without doubt there are many things that can make us tired. There are many challenges for all of us. It can be school or education. It can be difficult people in our neigborhood - perhaps even our own character, which is perceived to be difficult by other people. It can be illness, or fight, or war, or difficult environmental or economic conditions which directly impact us.

What is the basis of my hope? Do I hope all will be right? Why? What is it that my hope is referring to? The bible offers us hope in the eternal God, the saviour in Christ Jesus. It is a deep and fascinating story which is talking about God himself, and about his way to help. In Psalm 71 the writer is talking about the basis of HIS hope:

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth. (Psalm 71,5)

The psalm writer calls God his Lord. He calls him his hope, his trust. To call God Lord means that he is the reference point, the guiding mind. God is the one who was first, and who knows. He is full of wisdom and understanding. He is alife, the living God, who was and is and will be. The psalm writer has put his hope in God from his youth.


Why? …

God is the hope of the people of faith. Why is this a good hope? Why is God a better hope than anything else on this planet?

God is the creator. He is God, which means that he is beyond this creation. He was, and he is, and he will be. God does not die. God is outside of space and time. But he is also here, in the middle of creation.

The bible tells us the story of Jesus. God became human in one little child. God entered his creation. We cannot explain how this should be possible. We cannot describe how an eternal being can become a human. But the bible claims that something great happened 2000 years ago. Can this be real?

We are invited to look at the life of Jesus. We are invited to listen to his words! Many have heard his words during world history. And there were many, who believed. The New Testament - in combination with the Old Testament, is a breathtaking collection of texts, with deep wisdom, with challenging words. We are called to listen and to hear. We are called to hear, to believe and to act.

What is the basis of your hope? When you listen to Jesus, he can become the basis of your hope. When we listen to him, we can realize that there is a voice reaching deep into our mind and our soul, much deeper than anything else. What an experience! (Roland Potthast)

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