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40 Days towards Easter: Day 1 ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Good morning! Today, we start a time of 40 days towards Easter. We recall that Easter is one of the core Christian focus points, since it celebrates the death of Jesus at the cross of a hill close to the ancient city of Jerusalem, and his resurrection on the third day thereafter.

There is an old Christian tradition to use the 40 days before easter as time of preparation, of reflection, of fasting. It can be a time to become fully aware of the meaning of Jesus, of his death, of his resurrection.

40 Days Towards Easter …

How would you start to prepare? What are your personal steps? Currently, as Europeans, with a war in the Ukraine, which some do not want to call a war, the meaning of the cross of Jesus seems to be even more prominent and important than before. The war brings death and destruction, it also brings lies, the suppression of the truth.

We have chosen seven bible texts which are linked with the passion of Jesus and our own passion today. They build the topic of the sermons in our local church for the upcoming seven weeks. They also provide a framework for reflection. The topics are:

  • 06.03.22 2. Corinthians 6,1-10 Joining Jesus' Passion Today
  • 13.03.22 Matthew 26,36-46 „Pain straight ahead“
  • 20.3.22 1. Kings 19,1-13a „Frustration and death threats in obedience“
  • 27.03.22 2. Corinthians 1,3-7 „Consolation in the middle of suffering“
  • 03.04.22 Marc 10,35-45 „Put your life in - what makes you great“
  • 10.04.22 Palm Sunday - John 17,1-8 „The glory of God on the way to the cross“
  • 15.04.22 Good Friday – Luke 23,32-49 „Mission accomplished“

Here, we will try to provide input to this reflection. You are invited to take part in our thoughts, and let God guide you to develop your own reflections. He can and will guide you, when you ask him.

Our Passion …

Today, let us start with one thought only. Jesus came into the world, and he took part in its suffering. He even took our suffering onto him, it is said in the Old Testament. Christians, and all humans, take part in this suffering. The world is not only great and fantastic, it is also a suffering world.

Suffering has many layers. We suffer from nature. We suffer from illness. We suffer from the limits we face in our immediate environment. And last but not least we suffer from each other and ourselves. Human desire leads to suffering for others, and often for the human itself.

Suffering has always been an important topic for philosophy. It has been an important topic in art, in music. It is an important topic for medicin, trying to heal and to prevent people from suffering. And of course, it is a core topic for Christian faith.

Let us explore the dimensions of suffering. Let us ask God, the Lord, what he thinks, how he sees our own suffering, and the suffering of mankind. The bible is full of words on this, from the day of wrath to the love, healing and reconciliation which God provides in Christ Jesus. A lot to explore, a lot to find! Come. (Roland Potthast)

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