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Who owns me? ...

Thursday, Feb 12, 2009. Who owns my day - we asked that yesterday. Who owns my time? Who owns my thoughts, my feelings, my plans? Questions like this may seem strange to some of us. Clearly, we think, I am owned by myself. I am my own boss. I am the one who is determining my life.

But this question of ownership may well resonate with some odd feelings we have. Perhaps I am not free when I work in my job. Perhaps some of us feel rather not free when we think about our family or our close relations to some of the people around us. We are usually bound by many things, by circumstances, by our past, by our time and society!

Ownership is one of the key thoughts of Jesus in the New Testament. On the one hand he wants to make us free from many things which bind us. He wants us to be free for a truly human life. But this freedom can only be achieved when we give ownership of our life to God, where it really belongs. We cannot be free when we are bound by our egoistic motives. Being alone will not make us free. Only community with God can help us to become truly human! [R.P., Reading, UK]

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