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Saturday, Feb 14, 2009. Who should you ask when you want to understand the bible. That is an interesting question! Is it the best thing to ask some scientist? Someone, who has been researching this book for many years and knows all the theories about it? Is it the best to go to a church and ask a priest or a pastor? Who can give some authoritative answer?


I believe that the answer to the questions above should be given as they are given in the bible. Who was it whom God gave his word? He chose Jesus to be an ordinary man, who worked as a carpenter. Jesus selected many disciples, his apostles have been fisherman, women with diverse background, people of different age and profession. Among the evangelists there was Luke, a doctor. Jesus did not choose the experts of the law as the people who would be most authoritative about his words! That is an important observation, which we should not put aside easily.

I highly appreciate people who dedicate their life to faith and work full-time in a christian church, may it be as pastor or youth worker or deacon. I highly appreciate colleagues at Universities who teach theology. We need you and we need your insight. But it must be said that it is faith and discipleship that enables people to provide answers and insight into God's ways. It is not the position which counts, but the gift of God to individuals whose existence is changed, renewed and healed by God's power and spirit! [R.P., Reading, UK]


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