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Ten Days of Questions 8 - Security? ...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010. For 10 days we interrupt our usual explorations of questions of life and faith. Instead, we ask questions. We do not want to give answers. Our goal here is to move right into interesting topics. We want to get you thinking without a lot of prescribed input …


Questions Part 8

How secure are the things which surround me?

Am I aware of the fact that everything I have can be lost quickly? Accidents can take away money. Illness can take away all I have. Death will end all my plans.

Where do I get security?


Explore the Bible

What does the bible say about security and a secure life?

Is it clear to me that God himself wants to be my security?

Do I put all my trust in the Lord, not in possessions or other people?

Enjoy a time of thinking, of exploration, of reasoning, of relaxing, of holiday …! ... more texts

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