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Compassionate Hearts ...

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019. Are you compassionate? Some people are more compassionate and passionate that others, just by their character. But even if your basic character is rather dry, you can be passionate about some things your way. What are those things you are passionate about? Is it things, goals, activities? Is it people, family, friends, some particular person? What is it that makes your heart be in flames?

Kindness, Humility, …

I have to say that I am more the passionate person in the sense that I am excited about quite a range of things. That includes my professional activities, the mathematics and physics and biology and meteorology which we do day by day, the software we develop, the forecasting systems we build and run.

I am also passionate about people, about my family, and about friends and our church. I am passionate about all people in my division, which I am responsible for. Yes, I love a lot of humans. I like them, I am excited about them, the way they are. They do not have to do much to make me excited about them, just be themselves. And I am very excited about Jesus, about God in father, son and holy spirit, about the bible and also about worship, preaching, teaching, discipleship and the holy spirit.

In 1 Kol, the apostle Paul writes about compassion:

12 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, […] (1 Kol 3, 12)

For me compassion and passion are quite close to each other.

… Meekness and Patience …

I am also excited about this sentence (and the whole book, the New Testament, the Old Testament …). Paul starts with the situation of the believers. They are loved by God, deeply loved. Indeed God loves every human, whether they believe or not. But those who come to faith are made holy through Christ Jesus.

Here, in the holiness which HE creates (not us), we can develop the flame of love and truth which he wants to ignite. We can let our hearts become passionate and compassionate. But it is not to boast, but to live in his kindness, in his humility, in his meekness and patience.

Personally, I might love these things so much because I lack some of them. And because I have them as deep desire in me, but it looks like being difficult to live in a very competitive environment in which I have grown into. It is good to be passionate about everything you do. And it is good to do things in purity, in truth. If you do them for themselves, humility and meekness is not far but is there already. The thing speeks for itself. This gives freedom to you in all directions … freedom to breath, freedom to relax, freedom to be compassionate and full of love. (Roland Potthast) ... further texts

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