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Monday, March 23, 2009. Do we have the power and vision to lead a real life? Or are we bound to live the fake life, the life of illusion?

The real life is a life where I discover the world with its beauty, its purpose, its deep meaning and sense - as created by the living God. The fake life is a life driven by various illusions, for example the idea the money could make me happy or that my state in society would determine who I am. The real life is a different life, it is driven by Jesus and his power. Jesus way to treat people around him is completely different to any treatment we are used to.

It might be quite challenging to lead the real life in the middle of a society which is following fake things. So many parts of our world are not right - but pretend to be. 880 Million people do not have access to clean water. But we act as if this would not be a problem of life and death for many of our fellow humans. We are drawn into one competition after the other for our local resources - in science as well as in business, we put all our power into conflicts which are not the problems we should solve! Do we have the power and vision to read a real life? Or are we bound to stay where we are - as individuals as well as a society? [R.P., Reading, UK]

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