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Better than a plane trip! ...

Thursday, Jan 22, 2015. The world is fascinating. It is a wonderful, a magic world. It is full of great stuff, of exciting stuff! We do not have to search long, it is all at hand, right there where we are.

What is the fascinating thing? …

Honestly, the world is much more wonderful than we usually realize. It is much more fascinating. It is fantastic! This does not depend on any technical devices. It does not depend on our research progress …

I just booked an international flight, and looking at the location and flight path online it came to my mind again: the world does not need these flights to be wonderful. It is great here as it is great there. The beauty and complexity of our creation is so many times greater than just one little trip over the clouds!

Of course, our science and technology is part of a fascinating world. It might help us see its beauty, though I often think that it more keeps us from seeing it by keeping us busy with the less exciting parts of creation (I am sitting at my computer many hours per day).

The Spirit of the Lord …

In the New Testament it is the Holy Spirit who wants to guide us to properly see the fascination of this creation. It is God's spirit, God's wisdom, God's insight. He is the almighty Lord, the beginning and the end.

What is the role of the spirit - compared to the fascination and complexity of this creation? It is the role of a wise counsellor. It is the role of a guide. It is the role of a balance, which can keep us from loosing our freedom. It is the role of an inner core, our spiritual backbone, our source of forgiveness and love and truth and trust.

This morning, I was invited to open my eyes to the beauty and fascination of everything which is there in my life already. I heard the invitation: look at the joy which is there in your life. Look at the help, the support, the riches. Look at what you have achieved already. And most important: open your eyes to the presence of the Lord, to his calm and pure presence, support and love which is there in depth, below the surface. It is an invitation, which is for every human. This is what the name Jesus stands for: Come and See. (RWEP) ... more texts

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