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House Groups 5 - Specials ...

Friday, Nov 6, 2009. We had a house group special yesterday. It was a special evening with the topic “spiritual gifts”. The bible talks about particular gifts given by the Holy Spirit to believers - to serve and live within the community of Jesus. We wanted to explore this topic and one of the pastors of our church came to talk about his insight into the matter. It was a fantastic evening, we were fourteen participants in our living room, after some songs we first explored the bible passages about spiritual gifts and then discussed various questions. We closed the evening with some prayer round.

House group specials are great opportunities to do something together in a larger group, i.e. not just as a family or with one friend. For example, we had a “house group day” some weeks ago. We met on a Saturday, starting after breakfast around 10am. This particular house group day was full of music, a topical discussion about mutual appreciation and some particular activities which pointed us in this direction, and full of prayer. Our leadership group had prepared various little activities - and some had prepared lunch and some biscuits (really fantastic chicken and much more). It ended around 4-5pm with some prayer sessions.


Other opportunities for a house group are hiking days or some barbecue afternoons. I well remember this type of highlights in the past and I am looking forward to more of this in the near future. Being together with people in the spirit of the Lord is just wonderful, again and again. It can only be compared to a good and long-term friendship - imagine this type of relationship would be the standard for any of our relationships in this society. Imagine all the people …!

We need to keep in mind, that Christian house groups are more than just groups where friends meet. This is a part of the Lord. We are the “body of Christ”, not just in some abstract sense, but this is a reality, as real as anything else we consider to be fact. So when we believe in Jesus, when we are together as believers, we are “in him” and we are a part of him and his kingdom. When you hear this, and you have not seen and experienced its reality, it will and must appear strange and difficult to grasp. But when you go and see it over time, then you realize that this is a fantastic and lively reality.

Our week about house groups is over already. And time to talk for you and me is over as well - now the next step is to practice. We had our practice for this week last night, when do you commit yourself to a Christian house group? There will be some group which fits your needs and your abilities to serve in your environment! It might be small or appear tiny initially, but we can remember: where the Lord is, there is life. The life is there, where two or three are together in his name. In this spirit, a house group will be a fantastic experience, and a small group starting to pray and live in him, will grow. I know, that you will experience his presence, when you go ahead in this direction, and that will be fantastic, great, unbelievable, breathtaking and fulfilling. [R.W.E.P.,]


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